1st Clean-Up Day


For all your effort! You made our 1st Clean-Up day a great success.  Yes, we have lots to do yet.  But wasn’t it fun?!  YOUR efforts far exceeded OUR expectations.  How great is Jackson County! So to all of you…. THANK YOU!

A special shout out to those that made this possible – Main Street Ripley, WVU-P, The City of Ripley, our zone leaders from the Wilderness Christian Camp, The Jackson Co. Solid Waste Authority, C98, SwifTees, REAP,  our Jackson County Newspapers, and most importantly…. YOU, the mud-caked, tired, scratched volunteer!  

Someday very soon, you will input your craft at Cedar Lakes and paddle to the city for lunch and continue down the creek, staying the night at the Jackson Fairgrounds to complete you trip at Millwood.  Between now and when that time comes, we will sponsor fun and educational activities on the areas of the creek that are usable as we continue to sponsor clean up days.  And YOU will have ownership in making all this happen!

So don’t sit down….  Get a canoe or kayak and when you paddle down the creek, take some friends and pick up what you don’t want others to see in YOUR creek.  Expect another call from us for help in the spring.  Again we will take to the creek to continue what we’ve started in this area of the creek and tackle another.  AND look forward to a fun event on the creek this spring!

As important, consider joining with the Friends of Mill Creek to help organize all this fun.  Our last meeting of this year will be this coming Thursday (Oct. 2) @ 6PM in the Main Street Ripley Office (109 N.Court St).  We will be evaluating this event and what we can do to make the next one even better.  So JOIN US!

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